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From: Lundgren (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 10:45:55 PDT

So even when you can't make up the difference you'd still claim that the
difference is important?

Björn Lundgren

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> --- Lundgren <email suppressed> wrote:
>> But if is the projection form (or rather; how it is
>> percieved) then... One day the digital reproductions
>> will be so close to the filmic original elements
>> that we can't see a difference (if both are
>> projected). That day, will there still be a
>> difference? Or rather (because certainly there is a
>> difference - but probably more so for the maker in
>> the production stage rather than in the projection
>> stage) can a viewer claim the difference?
>> Are the new Star Wars "movies" today films simply
>> because they are projected on film, even though 90%
>> of the background was digitally made. Or those ***
>> that was shoot on completely on i.e. DV, are they
>> films when transfered to film?
> Yes. They are films when shown on film, videos when
> viewed on video, movies in either case.
> Film is so good, it can look like video! So when I
> can't see the difference on the screen, I just look at
> the projector. Easy. (I don't like projection booths.)
> John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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