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From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 09:33:33 PDT

--- Lundgren <email suppressed> wrote:

> But if is the projection form (or rather; how it is
> percieved) then... One day the digital reproductions
> will be so close to the filmic original elements
> that we can't see a difference (if both are
> projected). That day, will there still be a
> difference? Or rather (because certainly there is a
> difference - but probably more so for the maker in
> the production stage rather than in the projection
> stage) can a viewer claim the difference?
> Are the new Star Wars "movies" today films simply
> because they are projected on film, even though 90%
> of the background was digitally made. Or those ***
> that was shoot on completely on i.e. DV, are they
> films when transfered to film?

Yes. They are films when shown on film, videos when
viewed on video, movies in either case.
Film is so good, it can look like video! So when I
can't see the difference on the screen, I just look at
the projector. Easy. (I don't like projection booths.)

John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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