Re: Global Experimental Cinema: Two empirical refutations from downsouth

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 03:05:30 PDT

Dear Pablo Marín,
thank you for posting that. It's very
enlightening to hear what is happening around the
world. Indeed, my research on this was limited to
the east and west, not north and south. In Brazil
there is some growth, with festivals, some books
being published (Carlos Adriano just made a
beautiful one on Kubelka), some historical work
with international exposure (Mário Peixoto's 1930
Limite), access to prints and reproductions, even
though this is still very minimal. But I didn't
know anything about the situtation in Argentina.
In 2002 Claudio Koremblit of Experimenta in
Buenos Aires exhibited a book and documentary at
the Museo del Cine de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
for which she researched across the whole country
to find every filmmaker from every decade. As far
back as 1997 there have been FrameWorks posts
about the limited access there, but a post in
1999 claims that hundreds of super-8 films had
been made in Argentina since 1965. The magazine
Haciendo Cine printed a very detailed issue about
Super-8 filmmaking in 1997. The Mar del Plata
festival hosted the world premiere of a Kenneth
Anger film. Ruben Guzman did a tour of Argentian
experimental films (on 8 and 16) in early 2000 (a
nice description can be found in FrameWorks:
Windhausen 7 Feb 2000). Then wasn't there a group
called Image_n with a 16mm archive? These may
just be isolated events, but it shows there is
some base for interest.
What can we do to galvanize filmmakers and start screenings in Argentina?
-Pip Chodorov

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