Re: Global Experimental Cinema: Two empirical refutations from downsouth

From: Marilyn Brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 02:51:31 PDT

On Sunday, June 25, 2006, at 09:23 PM, Pablo Marin wrote:

> this is a perfect example
> of how things are done here regarding experimental
> film: with no cultural nor literacy. and in bootleg
> DVD´s (Marilyn Brakhage, if you´re reading, i thought
> you should know this.)

Well, thanks for passing this on. The main thing that bothers me about
it is that these audiences won't be seeing the best reproductions
available (assuming they are limited to seeing only video reproductions
in the first place). As there is a good DVD legitimately available, it
would make sense for them to get that -- for the titles that you
mention. I have serious doubts as to whether the distribution of
inferior-looking bootleg copies is really likely to make much of a
contribution towards the enlightenment of more people about avant-garde
film. But perhaps the only way to counterbalance this is to continue
organizing as many good screenings as possible, with clear statements
as to the differences. . . . It will probably happen, in time. I
think Pip is generally right, that exposure for avant-garde film is
increasing overall, even if some places are still significantly ahead
of others.


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