16mm films for sale: Brooklyn

From: scott nyerges (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 - 13:28:47 PDT

Hey Frameworkers:

I've got a small stash of 16mm educational films that
I'm getting rid of. I had acquired them for a
found-footage project, then never did anything with
'em. I'd like them to go to a filmmaker or collector
who can use 'em. $50 and it's yours, cash and carry
from Brooklyn. The films are in mixed condition, some
pristine, others well worn. Titles are:

Matter, Matter Everywhere (Cornet Films)
Community Services (Films West Inc)
Torn Paper (distributor unknown)
Trucks and Truck Transportation (distributor unknown)
Beginning Responsibility: Manners in Public (Coronet
Teamplay: Boys basketball (distributor unknown)
Washington D.C.: Story of Our Capital (Coronet Films)
What Do You See, Nurse? (Centron Films)
Health: Your Senses and Their Care (AIMS Films)
Measure Length: Think Metric (Barr Films)
"Mystery Film" (???)

Please contact me offline if interested. Thanks!

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