Re: No takers on Svema news (2)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2006 - 11:49:43 PDT

Thanks for chiming in...

Availability does not look good, and it does appear the factory has gone
out of business. Schwind and Action Camera were prior importers of the
stock and both say Svema is gone. Olex has not responded to my email
queries despite the Svema info remaining on his site and no word about

Unless I hear some breaking news I'm going to consider Svema gone forever.

It looks like the Czech filmstock Fomapan is still available, and ORWO as
well, though with ORWO one has to order through a lab in the U.S. as there
is no U.S. importer that I'm aware of.


> I would expect not! Their film stocks are really
> unavailable. Last I heard they only had one black and
> white stock they were still making available. I've
> never been able to find any clear way of buying the
> stuff.
> Olex/Olexander in the ukraine used to sell it, you
> could try contacting him, but when I last spoke to him
> about it he seemed edgy and said he might be able to
> get hold of something from somewhere and started
> asking me how much money I had! lol!
> He is the only person I've ever heard of selling it
> tho. I don't think we have many former soviet
> subscribers on the list. Most people seem to be
> american residents.
> love
> Freya
> --- 40 Frames <email suppressed> wrote:
>> 673 subscribers to frameworks and nobody has
>> information on Svema?
>> Alain

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