Poetique de la Couleur

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 19:54:12 PDT

We have a copy of Poetique de la Couleur at the CVM Library in Los Angeles. It's in French, though a some of the articles are originally in English, such as:

Moritz, William. Musique de la Couleur - Cinéma Intégral

Philip, contact me off list if you want a xerox of the table of contents or more information.

Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music
>Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 19:10:15 -0400
>From: Philip Hood <email suppressed>
>Subject: Re: Maxwell, Wittgenstein, Sacks... Reading suggestions on color?
>hi saul,
>I did some searching around, and in worldcat,
>it says that there's a copy of there are like 4 copies
>of this in publicly available us libraries, one being
>harvard, the others apparently on the west coast.
>And from searching the harvard on-line library catalogs,
>it looks as though, indeed, its there and sitting on
>a shelf at the widener library - you can find the citation
>by searching in hollis for 'brenez, nicole'
>... although it looks like its in french - maybe there's
>an article or so somewhere - I'll see if I can get it
>here in new york via interlibrary loan, but I've got a
>feeling that I needn't hold my breath.
>during another day where I have some time, I'll try to
>drop into the local libraries here to see the issue
>65 on sharits of film culture & see if I can snag anything
>for everyone.
>On Thu, 18 May 2006, saul ostrow wrote:
>> Is this in English
>> Saul Ostrow
>> Visual Arts and Technologies
>> The Cleveland Institute of Art
>>> From: Pip Chodorov <email suppressed>
>>> Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 23:09:48 +0200
>>> Subject: Re: Maxwell, Wittgenstein, Sacks... Reading suggestions on color?
>>> Nicole Brenez and Miles McKane co-edited "La Poetique de la Couleur"
>>> for the Louvre in 1995 with articles about color in experimental film
>>> from the makers themselves, such as Cantrills, Carl Brown, Martine
>>> Rousset, etc.
>>> -Pip Chodorov
>>>> There was a whole issue of Film Culture devoted to Sharits and his
>>>> writings. Number 65?

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