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From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 09 2006 - 09:01:01 PDT

Part 1: Mix Warhol's static voyeurism, Markopoulos' intricate sense of place and Anger's flair for pop music and color, and you might come close describing the cinema of
Oakmont, Pennsylvania's amateur, Auricon auteur Fred McLeod. Considered by railroad enthusiasts to be the father of sync sound train films, McLeod left behind a legacy
of personal movies made between 1933 and 1980. Whereas the majority of amateurs were out documenting vacations, parties and picnics, McLeod was busy making films
about wood saws, bicycles, Buicks, golf, television, churches, Christmas trees, autumn leaves and steam locomotives. Witness a healthful dose of McLeod's cinematic
wonders, each one a pure and particular peek at everyday marvels and the man in front of the camera. No disappointment!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
                             The O R G O N E A R C H I V E p r e s e n t s
The Autofilmography of Fred McLeod

           or The Film You Are Looking For Is Not On This Reel

 8pm ~ Sunday, May 14, 2006 at Chicago Filmmakers ~ 5243 North Clark Street

1) All Personal Sound Movies (1951 - 63) 20min. color / b&w, sound
2) BA BA and gary playing football 1979 (1979) 5min. color, sound

3) Unknown Footage + Tests* (1958) 5min. color / b&w, sound
4) Chuck's Trains (1939/45) 3min. b&w / color, silent
5) Train Views Near Harrisburg, Lewistown Narrows, Besserman Coal Train 1980
    (1980) 3min. b&w, sound
6) Edgewater Picnic / Autumn Leaves (1948 / 1960) 9 min., b&w / color,
      silent / sound

7) All Golf Films (1973) 30min. color, sound

8) Wash Cathedral (1955) 3min. b&w, sound

9) BICYCLES Joe Jenkins Me Anita Sept 5, 1980 (1980) 6min. color, silent
                                                    All films are 16mm camera original except*.
                                           DELINQUENT FILM ABUSERS ARE SUSPECT.
                                                          DON'T BE A FILM WRECKER.
                                                            SHOOT FILM NOT PEOPLE.
Part 2: Continuing the no disappointment and adding the almost never-before-seen we conclude with a slight inventory of Pittsburgh (ex-Smoke City) 16mm filmmaking.
Take a Kodachromatic tour of Joseph D. Kramer's Squirrel Hill Home Inventory; watch real zombies act like consumers at the Monroeville Mall in rushes from Dawn of the
Dead; revel in Roger Jacoby's rarely seen hand- processed gem Kunst Life IV; see two serenely beautiful unknowns from Al Mahler; and witness the first public screening
of Dave Saz's camera roll document of Stan Brakhage speaking at Chatham College in 1973 to some of Pittsburgh's best known filmmakers and film advocates. Also
Chicago premieres from Brian Dean Richmond and the Orgon Filmarbeiter Kollektiv along with the surface turmoil, twin attack of Adam Abrams and Steven X. Boyle.


1) HOME INVENTORY (1959) by Joseph D. Kramer 3min
2) ROTASIA &/OR SKRIMMENFLIGGA (2006) by Adam Abrams. Sound by Steve Boyle 5min
3) WAVE POSITIVE [test roll for unfinished film SKYLIGHT] (1976) by Al Mahler 3min
4) STAN BRAKHAGE AT CHATHAM COLLEGE, 1973 (1973) by Dave Saz 4min
5) UNTER DER MITTLEREN BRÜCKE (1989) by Brian Dean Richmond sound 9min
6) UNKNOWN [HIGH SPEED HALLER] (1978) by Al Mahler 1.5min
7) DAWN OF THE DEAD RUSHES, 11/6/77 (1977) by George Romero 9min
8) KUNST LIFE IV (1977) by Roger Jacoby sound 6m
9) 28 JÄHRIGER BEIM SCHÜTTERN DES KOPFES (1993) by Orgon Filmarbeiter Kollektiv 3min
     All films are 16mm, b/w or color, silent except where noted.
                                                         ORGONE NOT WAR.
S A V E P I T T S B U R G H. S U P P O R T P I T T S B U R G H F I L M A N A L Y S I S.

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