Re: The Orgone Archive in Chicago! This Weekend! Two Shows! First Show =

From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 09 2006 - 08:57:36 PDT

For all you framelovin' Chicagoans and nearby film fanatics...

A program of original 16mm rental prints from the long, gone days of silver and Kodachrome. Titles include: A Few Tests of Child Intelligence (1931), Sculptures in Sugar (1918), Capturing Lions By Aeroplane (1919), Queerosities, The Shrine Convention in Miami, Florida 1928 and How Our Eyes Deceive Us. A sound encore from 1933 produced in cooperation with the University of Chicago will also be screened. Cinema saved saves sometimes. This is one of those times. Epiphanies guaranteed... or you're already dead. The Orgone Archive is a motion picture archive and exhibition outfit founded and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1993. Specializing in inscrutable epiphanies, toilet trims, unknown what-have-yous, perfect industrial rolls, home movie printing tests, corporate comedies, Warholian strikebreaking screeds, the all-around beautiful and everything else. Current custodian - Greg Pierce. Call 412.682.2338 for info.
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~ 16mm Films From The Orgone Archive (Pittsburgh 13) ~ ~ ~

~ 7pm, Friday, May 12, 2006 at the University of Chicago Film Studies Center, Cobb Hall, Room 307 ~ 5811 South Ellis Avenue


     ERRATA #1 - #14 (with Intermission)
 1. Adventure Films, Inc. presents Major Jack Allen in CAPTURING LIONS BY AEROPLANE (1919) 14min

 2. Talking Pictures For The Classroom Biological Series FLOWERS AT WORK by Clyde Fisher American

        Museum of Natural History Produced by ERPI Picture Consultants Inc. Western Electric Sound System

        Copyright ERPI Picture Consultants Inc. MCMXXXI * sound * 11min

 3. SUNSHINE (ND) Castle Films 10min

 4. SEVILLE IN FAIR TIME (ND) Edited and Titled by Burton Holmes A Burton Holmes Travel Picture 4min

 5. THE CALORIE COUNTER A Lesson in Nutrition (ND) A Carlyle Ellis Picture. Arthur Edwin Krows - Editor 16min

 6. QUEEROSITIES (ND) Major Film Laboratories, Inc. New York 10min

 7. Film Featurettes, Inc. presents HOW OUR EYES DECEIVE US (ND) 3min

 8. A FEW TESTS OF CHILD INTELLIGENCE by Ina Craig Sartorius Assistant Principal of Horace Mann

        School Teachers College, Columbia University. Produced by Electrical Research Products, Inc. Recorded and

        Photographed by Paramount Business Pictures, Inc. Western Electric Sound System Copyright MCMXXXI by

        Electrical Research Products, Inc. * sound * 9min

 9. Service Film Company presents A TRIP TO THE MOON (1926) 8min

                                                    ~ I N T E R M I S S I O N ~


10. AFGHANISTAN (ND) Special Authorized Production by Sovkino, U.S.S.R. An Amkino Presentation

        Distributed by Bell& Howell A Filmo Library Subject 16min

11. MODERN CENTAURS (1928) Educational Films Corporation 8min

12. THE SHRINE CONVENTION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA MAY 1928 Photographed by Charles W. Herbert 14min


      A Study Course in Motion Pictures To Aid Civil Defense Volunteers Copyright 1942 - Bell & Howell Co.

        Produced by Jacob Sarnoff, M.D. Edited & Narrated by Wm. F. Kruse Approved by Bert H. P. Bahman,

        First-Aid Director American Red Cross Brooklyn, N.Y. Chapter 16min

14. Paramount-Bray-Pictographs The Magazine on the Screen SCULPTURES IN SUGAR Published by The Bray

        Studios, Inc. Copyright 1918 6min

                                      All films are 16mm, b/w or color and silent (except *).
                                          ~ B E A N O R G O N E D O N O R ~



15. SOUND Fundamentals of Acoustics by Harvey B. Lemon University of Chicago, Hermann I. Schlesinger

       University of Chicago, Harvey Fletcher Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., Donald Mackensie Electrical Research

       Products, Inc. Western Electric Sound System The Voice of Action Recorded at Eastern Service Studios, Inc.

       Copyright MCMXXXIII by University of Chicago Produced by ERPI Picture Consultants, Inc. in cooperation with

       The University of Chicago 11min * sound *

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