evolution 2006

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 11:13:03 PDT

Hiya Everybody,
  I've been very busy lately and hardly had any sleep
at all for about a week and stuff.

  Anyway I finally have a chance to say thankyou to
all the organisers of the Evolution festival here in
Leeds. It was really wonderful and I met lots of nice

  So a big thankyou to: Dennis Hopkins, William Rose
and Gregory Kurcewicz and all the other people who did
good things to make the festival happen. I understand
that the original venue was pulled at the last minute
so it was a fantastic job to manage to re-create
everything in the art gallery, but maybe it was for
the best as it was such a succesful event where it

  I saw many amazing films, including the work of
Jayne Parker, Tony Conrad, Michael Snow, Rose Lowder,
and Guy Shwerwin and lots of others.

  I'm sorry that I havn't had a moment to say thankyou
properly before but it has been a very busy time for

  Looking forward to the next evolution! ;)



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