From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 10:48:19 PDT

Maybe if there was a chain of Frameworkers they could
get him all the way up there bit by bit, or state by
state or something. So then they wouldn't need to get
him all the way to Florida.

I'm in England and can't drive or even cope with my
own problems, but I think it would be good to get Mr
Land to California because I've been to Florida, and
mostly what I liked about it was the Orange trees.

It is unbearably hot, like being in a fan heater all
the time, and you end up running from one air
conditioned building to the next. What's more nobody
has solar power, even tho you feel like your retinas
are burning out if you step outside for a moment.

The orange juice was very nice tho.

I've never been to California but I understand it
comes in two pieces, one where Hollywood is and
everyone stands around trying to look glamourous and
making terrible Hollywood films. This might be good
for Mr Land as maybe he could make them some films,
and have some kind of a living. Of course everyone
will hate his films and scowl at him a lot behined his
back, but it's got to be better than Florida.

The other bit of california is called San Francisco
and it is full of people with flowers in their hair
singing songs and smoking lots of cannabis. They have
an old office with it's own printing press where they
print lots of underground publications, and would
probably love to watch Owen Land films of an evening I
am sure. Obviously if he goes there he won't make any
money but I think that people might like him and maybe
the people there would build him a tree house to live

I think there may be other bits of california too, but
I've not heard anything about them, and they are
probably uninhabitable.

Anyway the point is that I think it is wrong that Owen
Land has to live in Florida with the scientologists
etc when he should clearly be living in california. So
I hope you fellow americans can do the decent thing
and help him out.

Does Owen know what his next film will be like?



--- thomas draschan <email suppressed> wrote:

> dear frameworkers,
> I had a request from filmmaker OWEN LAND who is
> currently moving from florida to california.
> as he is physically not able to carry his stuff he
> is
> going to need help in florida to pack and move.
> in california he's going to need help shooting his
> next film.
> OWEN LAND asked me to help him but as I am located
> in
> europe, without any financial resources besides
> 60euros on my kitchen table I can't be of assistance
> on such short notice (Mr. LAND has to move before
> the
> end of the month). I do hope that the network of the
> frameworkers starts to set in here and we can find
> people to help mr. LAND to move as well as making
> his
> next film. please get in touch with me so I can set
> you up with him, best yours thomas
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