artfilmperformance - synthetic zero event May 3, 7, and 27

From: Mits Hadeishi (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 19:55:11 PDT

The next Synthetic Zero events will be Wednesday, May 3 and Sunday May 7th in
the Bronx, and Saturday, May 27th in Tribeca, as part of the CONVERSIONs
series, partly sponsored by the Bronx Council on the Arts. We will have
experimental film, music, a live life-size puppet show, and visual art.

Bronx Location: The Green Corner, NW corner of Lincoln Ave and Bruckner Blvd,

Tribeca location will be announced later.


McCloud Zicmuse - Le Ton Mité
        amazing one-man band of fascinating music (Tribeca show)
Imagination Explosion - life-size puppetry (All three events)
Yoko Kikuchi - girl punk rock (Tribeca, possibly also Bronx events)
Marianna Ellenberg - live music/multimedia performance (Tribeca only)

Experimental Film:

Alyse Emdur - "We Love Lloyd" - New York, NY
Chris Coleman - "Modern Times"
Dirian Lyons and Jesse Wilson - "California Excursions"
Jeremy Newman - "Paper Cranes" - Princeton, NJ
Joon Sung - "Touch the Strings" - Bowling Green, KY
Josh Weinstein - Videos from - Brooklyn, NY
Lili White - "Cloudgate" -
Luke Lamborn - "square millimeter of opportunity" - Syracuse, NY -
Michael Betancourt - "Prima Materia" - Des Moines, IA -
Myriam Thyes - "Ascension" - Dusseldorf, Germany -
Tristan Pfund - "Vertige" - Geneva, Switzerland -
Marianna Ellenberg - "The Psychotropic Alphabet from Z to Z" - Brooklyn, NY
Mac McKean - "Head Up" - Brooklyn, NY -
Gigi Ng - "A Hand on the Doorknob of Greatness: The Ever-Changing Form of
Things" - Boston, MA
Heather Willems - New York, NY


Damali Abrams - collage - Queens, NY
Mikhail Gubin - paintings - New York, NY
Nicole Miller - constructions - New York, NY
Amy Sinclair - installation - New York, NY
Dmitry Gubin - paintings - New York, NY -
Rowena Dale S. Mohammed - paintings - Bronx, NY -
Mike Saijo - paintings - New York, NY
Rebecca Hackemann - photography - Philadelphia, PA -
Nora Herting - photography - New York, NY -

Mott Haven is only 20 minutes from Union Square.


The Bronx space is on the NW corner of Bruckner Blvd and Lincoln Avenue:,+Bronx,+NY

The actual address is 11 Lincoln Avenue, but Mapquest and Google Maps display
the position incorrectly --- the above map shows the actual location of the


The space is 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th,
transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th. Walk west 1 block to Lincoln Avenue
(also 3rd Avenue crosses there), walk 5 blocks south on Lincoln Ave, and it's
on the NW corner of Lincoln and Bruckner. If you end up at 138th and Grand
Concourse by mistake, walk east, past the KFC, right on Lincoln Avenue, south
5 blocks to Bruckner, and it's on the NW corner.


From Manhattan: FDR to Willis Avenue bridge, left at fork, left on 138th. Go
sharp left at 3rd Ave/Lincoln Avenue, but take left onto Alexander Avenue,
right on Bruckner Blvd, one block to the corner of Lincoln Avenue. From I-87
(Major Deegan): Madison Avenue/138th exit, left on 138th, take a right on
3rd Ave, stay right, go right of the bridge (not onto the bridge), left at end
of street, to end of the bridge ramp, space is on the NW corner of that
intersection. From I-278 (Bruckner): get on I-87N (Major Deegan), off at
Willis Ave, stay on 135th (go straight), left onto Alexander Avenue, right on
Bruckner Blvd, one block to the corner of Lincoln Avenue.

Phone: 718-401-9347

If you are interested in exhibiting or know people who might want to show
their work at a future event (film, video, visual art, performance, dance, or
music), please email (address suppressed)

If you wish to submit film/video for a future event, please mail it to:

Mitsu Hadeishi
220 E 134th St #5A
Bronx, NY 10451

Preferred formats are DVD (PAL or NTSC) and VHS (NTSC only). DV tape is also
acceptable, but not preferred.

Please forward this to your friends and email lists!


Mitsu Hadeishi
email suppressed
718-401-9347 / 718-772-4961 (cell)

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.