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Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 18:38:31 PDT

> On Apr 27, 2006, at 5:54 PM, Ron Toole wrote:
>> Anybody know how to adjust the running speed on a KEM?
>> Or any online resources about KEMís?
> I assume this is one of the later KEMs with fully variable speeds?
> You set the lever at a detent for 24 fps?
> There should be a pot on a board somewhere to adjust the forward and
> reverse speeds. Or you might need to re-adjust the way the pot
> attached to the lever is set -- but that might affect stop -- so
> searching for the appropriate adjustment pots will make more sense.
> Do you have a manual?

Jeff's got you pointed in the right direction.

Your KEM RS is from 1983 and should have a more modern counter, or perhaps
even the universal couner: K-521. If so, this makes matters pretty easy.

If you open the front panel and look at the board connected underneath the
control switch (fwd and rev) you should notice a switch on the far left of
the board that says 24/25. To the right of that switch is a "pot" as Jeff
described it, or a trimpot. If you get a small flathead screwdriver you
can adjust it.

To check speed, put the film in the track. Mark an X on the frame in the
gate and zero your counter. Run the KEM forward in the 24 fps fwd detent
stopping at 6' or 240 frames. You can check the distance between the two
Xs on a gang sync or manual counter for accuracy, knowing that you were
running the KEM at the 24 fps detent. Or make yourself a 1 minute piece of
film, marking start and end frames with an X. At 1 minute it should read
1440 frames (or 36 feet).

Next, track down a manual. Eagle Eye or Atomic Film should have one to
sell you.


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