From: peripheral produce (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 10:11:22 PDT

The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival
April 26-30, 2006 at the Guild Theatre, Portland Oregon USA.

The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival (PDX Film Fest for
short) starts tonight and runs through April 30 at the Guild Theatre.
Presented by Peripheral Produce and the NW Film Center, the festival will
showcase provocative, artistic, and firmly uncompromising films from around
the globe. From the Portland premiere of Old Joy, to special guests Martha
Colburn, David Gatten, Bill Brown, and Larry Goettheim, to the Peripheral
Produce Invitational, this yearís PDX Film Festival will truly rock.

for film descriptions and festival info, please visit

wednesday april 26
7:30 Old Joy : with Kelly Reichardt and Jon Raymond in attendance
9:30 opening night party at Holocene w/White Rainbow

thursday april 27
5:00 Lay Down Tracks
7:15 Cinema Project presents Larry Gottheim
8:00 Out of Sync video installation-performances (at Rake Gallery)
9:30 Who is Bozo Texino : Bill Daniel in attendance

friday april 28
5:30 shorts program #1: underground/experimental
8:00 PDX Featured artist Martha Colburn!
10:00 Wild Tigers I Have Known

saturday april 29
1:00 shorts program #2 : friends and neighbors
3:30 Blockade / How Little We Know
6:00 The Tailenders : Adele Horne in attendance
9:00 The Peripheral Produce INVITATIONAL

sunday april 30
1:00 Secret History of the Dividing Line parts I-IV : David Gatten in
3:15 shorts program #3: short documentaries
5:30 shorts program #4 : avant garde
8:00 The Other Side + shorts : Bill Brown in attendance

canít be at the festival? or maybe you just canít get enough of the
festival? than tune in to www.urbanhonking.com for 24 hour festival blogging

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