Package Deals: Cold Hearts is this Sunday at Monkey Town!

From: Kelly Shindler (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 09:22:20 PDT

Package Deals Presents Cold Hearts at Monkey Town!

Sunday April 30th - $5
2 seatings - 7.30pm and 10pm
58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe), Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
Subway: L to Bedford
Map: Click here

As part of the month long "On ne sais jamais" series curated by Lisa Kirk at
Monkey Town, "Cold Hearts" invites you to view some of the best artist films
and music videos Iceland has to offer. Featuring line drawings come alive,
macabre stop animation, the secret life of moss, bunny suits, exploding
dictaphones, women who live on clouds, Outkast ballads, and some very
creative uses for whipped cream, "Cold Hearts" represents the whimsical
Icelandic imagination. 24 artist films and music videos cover expansive
aesthetic ground. From sunny Barcelona to art school in Los Angeles to the
craggy vistas of Skagafjördur in northern Iceland, these young artists
explore their native and adopted worlds in inventive ways. Intrinsically
dark and aloof, yet also refreshingly honest, "Cold Hearts" is a glimpse
into the curious cultural landscape of Iceland now. From the fantastical,
sometimes disturbing artist films of Unnar Andrea Einarsdottir to the
otherworldly output created by bands such as Mum and Apparat Organ Quartet,
the Icelandic aesthetic is as strange and beautiful as it is overlooked.

Featuring films by: Kristin Helga Karadóttir, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, Lars
Skjelbreia, Hlynur Magnússon, Berglind Ágústsdóttir, Malin Ståhl, Eyrún
Eyjólfsdóttir, Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir, Bjargey Ólafsdóttir, Unnur Andrea
Einarsdóttir, Ragnar Bragason and Bardi Jóhannsson, and Kira Kira
And videos by: Apparat Organ Quartet (dir: Magnus Helgason), My Summer as a
Salvation Solider (dir: Elvar Gunnarsson), Múm (dirs: Semiconductor and Marc
Craste), Maus (dir: Elvar Gunnarsson), Gus Gus (dirs: Stefan Arni & Siggi
Kjartansson), Úlpa (dir: Dögg Mósesdóttir), Sigur Rós (dir: Agust
Jacobsson), and Bang Gang (dir: Ragnar Bragason).

After its premiere at Monkey Town, Cold Hearts will travel to screening
venues across the US and internationally. For booking information, please
email (address suppressed)

Package Deals is a project of curators Deirdre Corley and Kelly Shindler.
For more information, please visit or email
(address suppressed) Special thanks to Hamish Robertson, Lisa Kirk, Seth
Pomerantz, Fat Cat Records, 12Tonar and Louise Johansen, and the Icelandic
Film Centre.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.