Re: experimental film and genre films

From: gregg biermann (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 12:39:49 PDT

It would be a film that experiments within some of the established
conventions of the experimental/avant-garde film genre. It could be a
parody, refinement, revision, deconstruction of or assault on the
genre's modernist ancestry. It would do it with a greater historical and
aesthetic awareness than classical experimental/avant-garde filmmakers
could have had from their vantage point. It might offer more subtle and
complex realizations of some of the classic experimental films
predominant paradigms. In particular it would evidence an awareness of
what it means to be doing this now. So Michael is correct -- it would
use contemporary tools. And hopefully it would not remain so wierdly and
painfully separate from the rest of contemporary creative practice.

New Jersey, USA

So if "experimental' is both an adjective & a genre,

>what would an experimental experimental film be? How
>would it be different than an experimental film?
>John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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