Re: Subject: Re: Apologies to Jack Smith Enthusiasts

From: James Tully Studio (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 19:46:33 PDT

Look, it's nothing personal - I simply did not like the Jack Smith
documentary when it was screened last fall. Jack Smith's work I do like.
The documentary I do not. That's just my opinion.
What is your stake in this film that you are defending it when you have
not seen it as I have?
Why not do your homework, go see the film that I already saw, and then
come back to the list and either agree or disagree with me.
What I will not submit to is the personal, AD HOMINEM comments from you
and Mr. Kleinhans about my choice to shoot film and video at various
points in my work, or which cut of the film I saw. I saw what was
presented at the public screening. Later, when the crowd did not respond
the way the filmmakers wanted, they said it 'wasn't the final cut'.
Please go see the film and then tell us what you think: I welcome that
I have the right to voice an opinion on the film that I saw. I don't
relinquish that right under pressure.
~ James
On Apr 11, 2006, at 8:04 PM, Owen wrote:
What in hell is an unedited version of a documentary?!
I find it hard to take your opinion seriously, based on your having seen
an unedited version of a film.
I will watch the edited version of the film before I form an opinion.
Besides, how can one compare a documentary film to an artist's life work
? That's just silly.

On Apr 11, 2006, at 8:04 PM, James Tully Studio wrote:

Thank you for making my point.

I have indeed seen the 'unedited' version they were hawking around NYC
last fall as a publicity campaign.

Thus, it is my sole opinion, having seen the work, that the quality of
the 'doc' was miniscule compared with the work of Jack Smith himself.

Such a shame that a man cannot be appreciated fully in his lifetime,
only to be the subject of such efforts to profit after his demise.

 ~ James Tully

(For the record: I am indeed known as a 'video artist' because of the
work I began with in my 20's that came to be exhibited at the Whitney &
PS1/MoMA. However, all my current work is shot on FILM - with the
exception of some guerilla street work where video is the appropriate
'stealth' nighttime acquisition method. I could care less what agents
and curators put up on the web about my work. The only time I took
offense was when The Observer called me an 'Indy filmmaker'. Why should
I be assailed for using various media when the situation demands... ?)


On Apr 11, 2006, OWEN <mailto:email suppressed WROTE>
email suppressed WROTE:

Who here has seen the Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis

It seems people are making assertions that it's no good without having
seen it. Bogus.

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