Re: Subject: Re: Apologies to Jack Smith Enthusiasts

From: owen (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 18:26:21 PDT

What in hell is an unedited version of a documentary?!
I find it hard to take your opinion seriously, based on your having
seen an unedited version of a film.
I will watch the edited version of the film before I form an
opinion. Besides, how can one compare a documentary film to an
artist's life work ? That's just silly.

On Apr 11, 2006, at 8:04 PM, James Tully Studio wrote:

> Thank you for making my point.
> I have indeed seen the 'unedited' version they were hawking around
> NYC last fall as a publicity campaign.
> Thus, it is my sole opinion, having seen the work, that the quality
> of the 'doc' was miniscule compared with the work of Jack Smith
> himself.
> Such a shame that a man cannot be appreciated fully in his
> lifetime, only to be the subject of such efforts to profit after
> his demise.
> ~ James Tully
> (For the record: I am indeed known as a 'video artist' because of
> the work I began with in my 20's that came to be exhibited at the
> Whitney & PS1/MoMA. However, all my current work is shot on FILM -
> with the exception of some guerilla street work where video is the
> appropriate 'stealth' nighttime acquisition method. I could care
> less what agents and curators put up on the web about my work. The
> only time I took offense was when The Observer called me an 'Indy
> filmmaker'. Why should I be assailed for using various media when
> the situation demands... ?)
> On Apr 11, 2006, OWEN email suppressed WROTE:
> Who here has seen the Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis
> documentary?
> It seems people are making assertions that it's no good without
> having seen it. Bogus.
> owen
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