Re: where to buy mini discs (was: mini disc erase undo?)

From: Bridget Irish (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 13:02:16 PST

Hey Steve,

I have yet to locate minidiscs on Best Buy's on-line catalog, but I've found
some - Sony and Fuji brands - in the store here -- I get the feeling
whatever the store currently has in stock is it, I haven't chked what the
status is on BB continuing to sell/carry them...

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>From: Steve Polta <email suppressed>
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>Subject: Re: mini disc erase undo?
>Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 11:25:05 -0800
>I'm pretty certain that the "erase all" (and the mere
>"erase") are not at all undoable. It's very sad. Try
>looking at the amazing , which is
>vast and features about every piece of MD info you
>could conceptualize, including downloadable manuals
>and arfchived MD discussion groups. The definitive
>answet to yr question is there.
>Speaking of MDs, does anyone know a physical world
>retailer that sells the things (spec. the discs, not
>the recorders). Radio Shack has bailed on them and
>electronics shops are no good either. Best Buy?
>steve polta
>--- julie murray <email suppressed> wrote:
> > Hi Frameworkers,
> >    I pressed "erase all" in the minidisc menu not
> > intending to and lost an
> > entire disc of recording. Is there any way of
> > reversing this action or
> > retrieving the tracks that anyone knows of? Can it
> > be sent to a special
> > clinic to a hard drive doctor or something? ( I saw
> > once a picture of a mac
> > computer that had been set on fire and still the
> > file were able to be
> > retrived from it)
> >     Thanks,
> >        Julie Murray
> >
> >
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