MadCat comes to Chicago

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Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 13:50:32 PST

Columbia College is proud to present:
The MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival Tour

When: Tuesday, March 14 at 6 p.m.
Where: Columbia College in screening room 402 at 1104 S. Wabash
Program: Amok-imation
Wry, dark and painfully funny, these animated works from Sweden, Mexico, the
Netherlands and the Philippines are not your typical Saturday morning
Curated by Ariella J. Ben-Dov

When: Tuesday, March 14 at 6 p.m.
Where: Columbia College screening room 402 at 1104 S. Wabash.

Who is Gunnar? Tilda Lovell
2004 € 5:40 min € Color € Sweden
Observe Gunnar, a sad grasshopper who is maimed by an unwanted surgery.
Follow him as he looks for his stolen body part and finds new friends.

Woman Without a Past Lisa Barcy
2004 € 5 min € Color € US
Using stop-motion animation, the filmmaker deconstructs the romance
novel‹literally. Text comes alive to create an enigmatic portrait of a
mysterious woman with a rich past.

One Minute Interview Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson
2004 € 1 min € B/W € US
A young child embodies one inner city ghost in this hand drawn

Síndrome de Línea Blanca Lourdes Villagómez
2005 € 7 min € Color € Mexico
A young girl is killed by a car. Villagómez uses stop-motion animation,
cutouts of people within life size sets and live-action footage to tell the
story of a life that never was.

Silig (Undertow) Vivian Limpin
1996 € 7:26 min € Color € Philippines
Using white ink on black paper, Limpin ruminates about all the ways one can
end it all.

Small & Deep, Love Stories Hsin-Ping Pan
2005 € 6:40 min € Color € US
A visual poem of love and passion.

Emblem Cecilia Lundqvist
2001 € 2:27 min € Color € Sweden
Women in bathing suites and socks doing gymnastics. What are the posh
British men so sorry about? Look closely.
The Guilt Trip, or The Vatican Takes a Holiday Lisa Barcy
2004 € 14 min € Color € US
In a dilapidated church, icons of Catholicism run amok, Jesus and Mary
Magdalene steal away for an adventurous road trip, and the Pope tends his
restless herd with an iron fist. Told with stop-motion animated puppets and
mixed media, The Guilt Trip examines the notion that you can always leave,
but you can never really escape.

Gum and Tea Samuael Topiary and E.E. Miller
2005 € 4:50 min € Color € US
A meditation on oral fixation and the presidency, this short features an
artist as she talks about her fanciful project for the president of the US.
Ero Sawhang Blues Kay Lee
2004 € 4:25 min € Color € South Korea
A gun, a little girl, a man and a masturbating older womanŠsomething is
bound to happen.

Cosmetic Emergency Martha Colburn
2005 € 9 min € Color € The Netherlands
This music-driven film takes viewers on a humorous and politicized hip hop
tour of the cosmetic surgery obsession. Sequences are created with
paint-on-glass animation, found footage and documentary techniques. Dutch
Ambassador of Cosmetic Surgery Marijke Helwegen makes a rare cameo. Original
music by New Zealand¹s, Coco Solid and Half Japanese founder Jad Fair,
British radio artist Mick Hobbs, and trombonist Hilary Jeffery.

Jack and Jill Andrea Shear
2004 € 1:26 min € Color € US
A fresh look at this classic nursery rhyme.


MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival turns TEN in 2006! Be part of
history and submit your film today.

MadCat seeks provocative and visionary films and videos directed or
co-directed by women. Films can be of any length or genre and produced ANY
year. MadCat is committed to showcasing work that challenges the use of
sound and image and explores notions of visual story telling. All
subjects/topics will be considered. Submission Fee: $10-30 sliding scale.
Pay what you can afford. An entry form is attached to this email. For more
details go to or call 415 436-9523. Preview
Formats: VHS or DVD. Exhibition Formats: 35mm, 16mm, Super8, Beta SP, Mini
DV, VHS, DVD. All entries must include a self addressed stamped envelope for
return of materials.
Early Deadline: March 24, 2006. Final Deadline: May 15, 2006.

MadCat is on tour now with 2 programs of short avant-garde films by women.

1) AMOK-IMATION - Wry, dark and painfully funny, these animated works from
Sweden, Mexico, the Netherlands and the Philippines are not your typical
Saturday morning cartoons. This program is available on Mini-dv.

2) MOOD ALTERATIONS - These alternately loving and disturbing 16mm portraits
hail from Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and the US. Filmmakers use
editing, optical printing and camera movement (or lack there of) to create
an ethnographic study of Romania, a musical peek at a girl on the verge of
puberty and a pulsating found footage bonanza among other stories. This
program is available on 16mm.

To book the tour email us or go to our web site for more information

Mad Mission
Founded in 1996 the MadCat Women¹s International Film Festival (MadCat) is a
highly acclaimed international festival that exhibits independent and
experimental films and videos directed by women from around the globe. The
Festival emphasizes work that is inventive and visionary. Our annual
Festival takes place at select San Francisco and Berkeley venues throughout
the month of September.

The Festival was founded to create a forum the highlights women artists. The
Festival¹s primary goal is to bring these works to a range of San Francisco,
Bay Area venues and across the country to audiences who would not normally
be exposed to this kind of work. MadCat exhibits films by women that
challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual

A New Look at the Curatorial Process
MadCat has established a strong reputation for programming series of acute
and insightful films audiences would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
MadCat sets itself apart from other women¹s festivals by curating its
programs thematically as opposed to looking for films solely about women¹s
issues. Thus, with each year comes a completely new set of films and topics.
MadCat seeks to educate spectators about the art of cinema through
programming that incorporates both experimental films and more accessible
works. The Festival¹s distinct curatorial approach allows audiences to make
their own connections between films and aids them in developing a film
vocabulary by the mere act of watching a program.

MadCat¹s unique angle on programming often refreshes and surprises its
audiences. MadCat allows viewers to look into the vast array of topics women
film and videomakers are wrestling with and expand traditional notions of
³women¹s issues². The audience will not sit back and wait for the images to
wash over them nor for a simple narrative to tell its story. Whether the
audience is watching a documentary, narrative, animation or experimental
film they will be on the edge of their seats grappling and participating
with the visual texts set before them. By providing a dedicated exhibition
venue in the San Francisco, Bay Area, MadCat encourages women and girls to
take creative control behind the camera, increasing visibility and
opportunity for women in the arts.

³The MadCat Film Festival tests, expands, and evolves the traditional,
politically motivated, 20th Century definition of Œthe women¹s film
festival." Independent Film and Video Monthly

MadCat Women's International Film Festival
639 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

Phone: 415 436-9523
Fax: 415 934-0642
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