William Wegman's Video Works-Microcinema New Release

From: Joel S. Bachar (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 12:51:01 PST

WILLIAM WEGMAN: Video Works 1970-1999
2-DVD Set

Catalog No. MC-524
Shorts Compilation, Video/Film Art
2006, 236 minutes
DVD, Region: 0 (All Regions)
TV System: NTSC
UPC: 857285001006
Street Date: 4-25-2006
Pre-book: 3-24-2006
SRP: $40.00

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A definitive 2-DVD compilation of over 150 videos made by the artist William
Wegman and re-mastered by him exclusively for ARTPIX in 2006. From the
earliest black and white reel-to-reel tapes to the most recent digital color
videos this collection has not been previously assembled and available on
disc. It is an exhaustive archive of the innovative and influential, and
often hilarious, performances of the artist both with and without his
Weimeraner friend, Man Ray. Inspired by the oblique humor of the 1950s radio
program Bob and Ray as much as by the atmosphere of experimentation in the
art of the 1960s, Wegman created a cross-over form of visual art that had
almost no precedent and that received favorable critical notice from a wide
audience of art lovers. Wegman and ARTPIX has re-introduced some of the
earliest clips that have not been available as well as produced definitive
versions of other segments through restoration of the original tapes.
Included are Spit Sandwich (1970), Reels 1-7 (1970-77), Gray Hairs (1976)
and Reels 8 and 9 (1997-99) for a total running time of 3 hours and 56
minutes. Memorable sequences included are "Dog Duet", "Milk/Floor", "Massage
Chair" and "Stomach Song." Included with the discs is a reprint of Kim
Levin's essay from 1982 for an exhibition at the Walker Art Center,
Minneapolis titled "Wegman's Video: Funny Instead of Formal" along with a
definitive chronology of the complete videos.

The publication of this DVD coincides with the opening of the retrospective
exhibition, William Wegman: Funny/Strange at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New
York (March 10-May 28, 2006).

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