Re: Beach Boys vs. Beatles (and music and a-g film)

From: andrew lampert (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 09:10:07 PST

You could also watch Early Abstractions with
soundtrack by the Fugs. He was known to show it with
their first album as a soundtrack, too. There is also
the noise and percussive track version that is on the
video release from Mystic Fire.

Yes, Zorn's performance of INAUGURATION and other
films by Anger is with permission of the maker. The
first time that he did this at Anthology, maybe back
in 2000 or 2001 (can't remember) Anger was present and
told Zorn that he wanted to replace the soundtracks
with these new compositions. It never happened, but
Zorn's soundtrack for Eaux is, I think, very well
considered and lovely. I re-watched Invocation last
week and hope that no one, not even Kenneth, ever
replaces the Jagger soundtrack. Jagger at his best!


--- "John M." <email suppressed> wrote:

> > It's just that I don't think most of the most
> popular rock songs are
> > such a good parallel. I prefer Harry Smith's
> "Early Abstractions"
> > silent, which is how I first saw it at a public
> screening, not with
> > that whole Beatles side.
> >
> > Fred Camper
> Not to mention the replacement of the Janecek
> soundtrack with rock in
> Anger's Inaugerations Under the Pleasure Dome. I
> much preferred the
> alternate track that John Zorn played at Anthology
> (with Anger's
> consent?) a couple of years ago to the current
> music. A playful tweak to
> Fred: if you were watching a 16mm print of Early
> Abstractions alone in
> the privacy of your home might you turn off the
> sound, despite Smith's
> decision that he wanted the Beatles accompaniment.
> j
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