Re: Beach Boys vs. Beatles (and music and a-g film)

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>> It's just that I don't think most of the most popular rock songs are such
>> a good parallel. I prefer Harry Smith's "Early Abstractions" silent,
>> which is how I first saw it at a public screening, not with that whole
>> Beatles side.
>> Fred Camper
> Not to mention the replacement of the Janecek soundtrack with rock in
> Anger's Inaugerations Under the Pleasure Dome. I much preferred the
> alternate track that John Zorn played at Anthology (with Anger's consent?)
> a couple of years ago to the current music. A playful tweak to Fred: if
> you were watching a 16mm print of Early Abstractions alone in the privacy
> of your home might you turn off the sound, despite Smith's decision that
> he wanted the Beatles accompaniment.
> j

And what of turning the Beatles and other Boys off?. (Tout court & for


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