Re: Entry Fee Rereredux

From: snobunny (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 08:23:13 PST

  Also, Jarrod: I've lost track of who's arguing what here, or why,
  exactly. But according to my dictionary, the word "amateur" (which I
think Jason referred to) does have its roots in the Latin word amator,
one who loves. . . . Brakhage elaborated on this word and concept in
his piece "In Defense of Amateur" (in Brakhage Scrapbook, or Essential


      i always thought brakhage was speaking if this:
  "The very classification "amateur" has an apologetic ring. But that very word -- from the Latin "amator, lover" -- means one who does something for the love of the thing rather than for economic reasons or necessity. And this is the meaning from which the amateur filmmaker should take his clue."
    --Maya Deren
  "Amateur Versus Professional"
  but maybe i'm wrong. seems like this idea has been around for a while in film-making tho :) when people get upset about the word amateur, i think they forget that the athletes who compete in the olympics are all supposed to be amateurs too ( i guess wheaties or mtn. dew endorsments don't count as "economic reasons").
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