Re: Entry Fee Rereredux

From: jarrod whaley. (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 23:22:38 PST

db wrote:
> Seems like it is pretty easy to get your undies twisted in a knot, Jarrod.
"ha... ha"
> I happen to read Jason's comment about hobby a bit differently than
> you--I'll get to that in a second, but I find your recent elevation of
> free-market, lassez faire, "every one for themself" attitude pretty
> shallow. Do you really expect Wal-Mart to be carrying anything of
> interest to me? Well, Charmin, perhaps.
Care to explain where in anything I've said there might be anything
approaching an endorsement of laissez-faire economics, or do you wish to
continue offering nothing but a tinge of crackpot? Are you referring to
my point that a meager existence can be eked out? All the top
capitalists rave about eking out meager existences.
> But as to how I read Jason's comment:
> Years ago an acquaintance of mine published a little booklet called
> Amateur. He would leave these "freebies" on subway seats and other
> public places. I asked him why he titled the series Amateur. He
> replied, because the source of the word is love, and I wanted to do
> something just because I love to do it rather than for what it can get
> me financially. Made me reconsider the concept of professionalism.
Great anecdote. Unfortunately, the etymology of the word "amateur" is
only marginally relevant, at best. At worst, your little anecdote
ignores the fact that nothing I have said has suggested that I am "in it
for the money." If I were, I wouldn't be making experimental cinema,
would I? And I certainly wouldn't be spending my time trying to speak my
mind to an audience of individuals like yourself who'd prefer it if I
would either just shut up or heap praise upon the way things are.
> As a s*N*ide comment, inserting specious points of reference to the
> Sultan of Brunei and the effects of sniffing glue, while plausibly
> funny (ha... ha), offer nothing but a tinge of crackpot to your arguments.
You mean like your reference to Wal-Mart?

If you don't think I'm funny, then don't laugh. But it would be nice if
you'd respond to what I'm actually saying rather than trumping up
unfounded and patently ridiculous charges of sympathy for global
capitalism, and... ahem... getting your undies in a knot.

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