Re: steenbeck repair manual and/or question

From: Joost Rekveld (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 14:14:16 PST

i was intrigued to read this, but Steenbeck now apparently has the same
adress as the company which used to be only/main Steenbeck
supplier/servicing company in Holland.

I don't know them well, don't know whether these companies effectively
merged (seems like it) but I remember the dutch guys as being
enthousiastic and helpful..

give it a try..



On 8 Mar 2006, at 19:34, 40 Frames wrote:

> I'd say try Steenbeck
> (they've moved from
> Hamburg to Holland), but my guess is it will cost a fortune to get a
> manual from them.


                         Joost Rekveld


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