Re: steenbeck repair manual and/or question

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 10:34:35 PST

> it's a 600 series... when it was serviced a few years ago, the technician
> said it was the oldest operating one he had ever worked on. it's the only
> flatbed at the university of hartford. any idea on a repair manual?
> thanks,
> lauren

Yep, that's an older one alright. Mid-1950s! The 200 is from 1953, and the
700 came out in 1958.

I thought it would be a DIN connector like what Jeff described (two prong,
one flat), but I haven't seen on of these machines in some time. Alex
MacKenzie who is on this list has an older Steenbeck (I think a 400 or
700) and might chime in to lend some assistance. If not, look on the
frameworks list for his email and contact him. I don't know whether he has
a manual or not.

Also - Try Paul Tomasko - (address suppressed) I'd say try Steenbeck
(they've moved from
Hamburg to Holland), but my guess is it will cost a fortune to get a
manual from them.

I'm surprised there's not a newer model machine at Hartford? In the last
few years I've had three 900 series machines (and this is Portland). I
just moved the last one out a week ago to a film collector friend's house
where it will be restored. I bet Paul get Hartford something newer for a
reasonable price.


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