Re: filmo

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 05:50:47 PST

--- david tetzlaff <email suppressed> wrote:

> >This looks like a really beautiful camera.
> >Which kind do you have? What's it like to shoot
> with? I would love to
> >know more!

Hiya Anna, mine is a DR model I think but I'm not
I have a slightly odd model actually because it has a
single frame feature that is very rare and also has
the mask viewfinder which is not as nice as the finder

It's like the non reflex bolex's I guess. You aren't
shooting quite as blind as David seems to imply, but
it might feel that way if you are used to reflex
cameras. Biggest issue might be knowing if you are in
focus or not because the viewfinder just shows you
what you are framing, but mine also has the little
critical focussing thing too so you can look through
the lens and see if you are in focus. David is right
tho, thats probably the nastiest side of it. There are
lenses out there with dogleg viewfinders on them so
turn non reflex cameras reflex, but they go for a lot
of money usually because the non reflex bolex ppl all
want them too.

It's big advantages are that it is cheap, they tend to
last forever and the quality of images can be very
high with nice lenses (standard c-mount as on
non-reflex bolex). I even know someone who has a
cinema products camera but still wants to use the
filmo for some shots as he says that even on the
highest speed it just sounds really smooth, so he is
hoping to be able to get good slow-mo footage from it.
He could well be right as B&H also made high speed gun
cameras for putting on military airplanes and stuff.

It's nice that this military stuff can be turned to
good uses too I think. I like that kind of thing. :)

It's a heavy chunk of steel (It's all metal) so it can
be heavy, although I tend to have it on a tripod

Don't drop it on your foot, the filmo will be fine



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