Re: why we shoot film

From: Mitsu Hadeishi (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 21:35:15 PST

On Sunday 05 March 2006 22:30, Sam Wells wrote:
> Mitsu Hadeishi wrote:
> > --- I
> > am saying that the light responsiveness of a film camera is something
> > that
> > one should eventually be able to get with digital cameras;
> It's turned out to be a bigger "should" than we might have thought,
> though. (and the amounts of data are not insignificant either).

Give it time. HD cameras have only been in serious use in film production in
the last several years, and it seems to make a big difference how you use
them. People are only recently getting used to these cameras and learning
their properties, and already the results can be quite impressive. I can't
see how things won't continue to improve, and now that HD prosumer cameras
are available at reasonable prices, the number of people and know-how out
there is bound to continue to grow.


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