first "film" in 20 years

From: David Lee (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 21:01:13 PST

Hello Frameworks

        I am writing to you because I have just completed my
latest “movie” that is titled Songs, my Makoti, As
you might know, in the 1970’s and 1980’s I made some
very good films that had some public recognition.
Songs, my Makoti, is my first film in more than twenty
years. To be specific, it is not a film since it is
frameless. Makoti (Bride - siSwati), is a DVD that
will be available in the formats used in the U.S. &
Japan and Europe & southern Africa.

        Makoti, uses images I have assembled from southern
Africa and the States during the time period of 11/02
to 2/06. The soundtrack is gospel singing from
Swaziland that is performed by my wife, Hloniphile.
The “movie has four parts that has a running time of
slightly less than a half hour. It is structured in
way that has been called The New American Cinema.

        I am hoping to eventually to be able offer a nice DVD
package that will have accompanying photographs and
written material composed by many people that you
would be welcome to submit. However, my most
immediate needs are to have the funds to provide
airfare for Hloniphile’s child; and next I would like
to purchase a digital movie camera. I welcome
information about the commercial production of DVDs
and the purchase of a digital movie camera.

        You are invited to L.H.O.O.Q. at Songs, my Makoti.
There are several ways that can happen:

                1) Give me a call and drop by with a carton of
juice or a bottle of wine. I will play it for You on
my 21” monitor.

                2) Join the club that will ship a DVD from person
to person. If you request this way, you must be
prepared for me to share your name, postal address,
telephone, and email address with the person who will
ship the DVD to you and the person who you are
expected to send the DVD. For instance, John B. (in
Kenya) will first receive the DVD. He will watch it
and send it to John M. (in Uganda). John M. will in
turn send it to Jonathan P. (in Swaziland).
        The only cost to you will be the shipment. There
will be three clubs. One is for people living in the
vicinity of Washington, D.C. An other will be people
who live in countries that use the NTSC format. The
third will be the people in PAL countries.

                3) Purchase a copy. $10 will get you a DVD burned
on my computer that comes with a sufficient label.
$20 or more begins helping Hloniphile and me with the
projects mentioned above.

Hoping to hear from you,

David Lee
301 G Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C.
email suppressed
phone: (202) 484-8590

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