Re: why we shoot film/contrast ratios and sensitivity

From: Steven Budden (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 16:51:07 PST

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This discussion, which it is hard for me to believe rages on after all these
years, is an irrational one, kind of like talking religion.

If it is seen (by you) as irrational it is because it is subjective, like
"Mitsu is correct in ascribing most of this "feel it, smell it" etc.
to "nostalgia"."
It is perhaps nostalgia but also much more. Feeling and smelling are part of
art making for some. Painting is still the most widely practiced of all
visual arts. People seem to enjoy pushing a substance around. All artists work in
a tradition and historically those most in-tune with their own tradition
make the greatest breakthroughs. Of course, my tradition is not your tradition.
If you think attachment to a medium is "terribly destructive of creativity"
then don't use mediums (though I can pretty much guarantee you're attached to
one medium or another). Working within limitations in surprising ways is
what creativity is (to me).
I've never been called a conservative before. Ouch.


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