Re: Why film is cool

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 16:49:24 PST

> Most of my coworkers tend to agree that the "film
> experience" is the
> fun part of seeing a film.
> What greater film thrill is there than going to a
> screening with a few
> hundred other people and everyone getting startled
> by a scare? Or a
> collective breath? Or seeing scores of people
> crying? It's spectacular.
> It's what filmmaking is all about, getting a
> response from the viewer.
> The problem is that most films are awful.

Yes it's usually great, the other problem is that
often the cinemas can be a bit empty too which takes
which takes away a bit of the collective atmosphere. I
got to see Woody Allens new film in a cinema a while
back tho and that was a lot of fun. I bumped into a
friend on the way in even and I ate chocolate and had
a wonderful time and I'm not even a fan of the work of
Mr Allen normally.
> Bottom line is that in a few years, once the
> economic aspects have
> truly been worked out, many theaters will be
> projecting digital. The
> economics from the studio distribution side are
> massive savings in
> distribution and more importantly to them, security.

Definitely, although I suspect there will still be old
projectors kicking around for a while afterwards too
for showing old films.

> From my side,
> video does not have the same visceral impact that
> film does, but that
> comes down to the original image source. If we shoot
> on film and
> release on video and that gets the viewer a better
> experience and that
> keeps people coming to the theatres, then I'm all
> for it.

I love watching films on DVD's and even on the
computer too, and strangely the more I watch DVD's and
stuff, the more I feel interested in going to the
cinema. If I stop watching films then I stop watching
them on all formats. It's a bit wierd.

> Any format that allows wider distribution of a
> person's creative output
> is good for everyone.


> For those who live and breathe for Kodachrome, I
> hope you can fill your
> refrigerators with all you can find.


> For me, I just hope that those who are truly
> creative will take
> advantage of any means necessary to get your message
> out there to the
> rest of us who still believe that creativity trumps
> technology on any
> given day, by whatever means.

Yeah technology is part of the journey, not the

> Thanks for letting me rant.

No I enjoyed it, and it's nice to have someone from a
different background and perspective to drop by and
say how they feel! :)

It's going to be interesting to see what cinemas will
be like in the future, I guess they won't even be
cinemas like we know them now, what with live events
and everything. It's when I think of things like that
that sometimes I think I'd like to take a peek in the
future and see what it is like. Good or bad, you know,
just out of curiosity, whereas usually I have the good
sense to not want to know! ;)



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