Re: film ecology & swearing off the listservs (film is dead)

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 07:05:32 PST

> And about that Bolex, yeah it will run forever, as long as you have
> Dieter
> overhaul it every few years to the tune of many hundreds of dollars,
> until
> he retires, that is.

Someone will have to prove to me why a Bolex (substitute film camera
of choice here) is NOT a better investment than any video camera on the
planet --- call Roger Macie and ask how much he wants for overhauling a
Betacam ;-)

I'll take a few hundred dollars tuning a Bolex (geez every few years
(if that) over head replacement...

BTW I've had a circa 1967 Arri S for 25 years - thousands of feet of
film have run through it. Total maintenance cost over 1/4 century: $ 8
in camera oil......

And J.Mabe writes:

>> I signed on to Frameworks, CML, and other lists
>> to gain knowledge about how to not to suck at shooting
>> and editing film. And all I have been reading
>> recently is how film is fading out and will be dead.

Well there's nothing to prevent you from doing so. Kodak sells MORE
16mm now than at any time in it's history whether the Frameworks
punters or John Q. Public know it or not. Arguably John Q. and Joanne
R. Public are investing a nice chunk of their entertainment dollar on
film. I mean certainly they saw March Of The Penguins (Super 16;
Digital blowup to 35.....)


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