Re: Super 8mm

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 01:20:16 PST

The German site Wittner
(, is
announcing the return of Kodachrome 40, which
they call "Wittner Chrome 40". This company is
offering the film for 29.95 euros including
Kodak still offers several super-8 stocks: plus-x
and tri-x which are black and white reversal
stocks of 50 ASA and 200 ASA respectively, color
negative stocks of 200 and 500 ASA, and the
recently released Ektachrome 64 which is
problematic because few cameras can be set to 64.
Kodachrome is discontinued (on super-8; not yet
on 16) but developing continues in Switzerland
through September. After that you'll have to send
the films to Dwayne's Photo in Kansas.
The other stocks can be developed in the UK. You
can also join Nowhere lab in London and develop
and print yourself.
-Pip Chodorov

At 2:07 AM -0800 2/24/06, email suppressed wrote:
>Bonjour, sur le site allemand Wittner (,
>vous trouverez le grand retour de la Kodakrome 40, que nous appellerons
>désormais la "Wittner Chrome 40" ! En effet, cette firme propose pour
>29.95 euros cette pellicule développement compris ! Oui vous avez bien lu,
>dévellopement compris !
>c'est plus cher qu'avant avec la K40 mais cela a le mérite d'exister !
>Superhuitement vôtre

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