Re: Super 8mm

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 06:08:44 PST

You don't say what camera you have. Does it have a
manual exposure option?

It really depends what kind of film you are making. If
you are finishing on video then I think Vision2 200T
film might be the way to go, but it is a negative film
so is not good for direct projection. This film can
now be processed in the u.k. too which is a massive
bonus tho I have no idea of the cost of processing the
stuff yet. Labs in the u.k. tend to be secrative about
that sort of thing! Thw lab that can do this is Todd
AO in London.

Vision 2 200T will work with the cameras internal
automatic light metering if you are a fan of that,
there is vision2 500T too which is obviously much
faster but you will probably need to use an external
light meter for it.

The colour neg films used to be very cheap to buy from
kodak u.k. but the price seems to have gone up a fair
bit from what I have heard, I don't know tho
definitely however because kodak u.k. are not a very
communicative company.

If you are projecting film I recommend tri-x. You can
process it yourself in a tank or you can send it to
Andec in Germany. The widescreen centre in london can
even send it to Germany for you if you want to keep it
simple and not mess with currency conversion etc but
obviously that costs more money. I also think that
tri-x is very beautiful but that might be me! ;)

There is the new ektachrome 64T too, and it now looks
like Jessops will be stocking it. However this film
also has to be processed at Andec in Germany. It is
the only colour reversal film now available however,
so if you want to project direct from film in colour,
then this is it. It's the most expensive option in
terms of S8 film and there are some issues with using
automatic metering in a lot of cameras with this

Hope that helps a little!



--- Mark R Hancock <email suppressed> wrote:

> hi All,
> I Couldn't locate anything on the Frameworks
> archives about this, but if I've overlooked
> something that's been discussed recently, sorry
> folks.
> I'm curious as to the current state of Super 8. I
> know that Kodachrome is not being produced or
> developed after a certain date, and I'm a bit dense
> when it comes to other film stock for my Super 8
> camera.
> Could anyone let me know what other options are
> available to me? I'm UK based, so if there is a
> 'local' option, that'd be even better.
> Cheers
> Mark
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