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Milking & Scratching:
Handmade Films by NAOMI UMAN
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Few media artists bring together the personal, raw nature of documentary
with the intimacy and artistic beauty of experimental filmmaking as
effortlessly as Naomi Uman. This collection, comprised of five short 16mm
works, features Naomiís instantly recognizable aesthetic of scratched, dyed,
and hand-processed imagery and defies the established boundaries of
experimental film, narrative film, documentary filmmaking and social
commentary. (see below for further details)

99 minutes / 2005 / DVD / Perph No. 14
$24.95 - personal/home / $75.00 - academic
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more about the release:

Naomi Uman, former private chef to Malcolm Forbes, Calvin Klein and Gloria
Vanderbilt, traded in her eggbeater and oven mitts for a 16mm film camera
and acid resistant rubber gloves several years ago. She has screened her
work at venues far and wide, including: The Sundance Film Festival, The
Rotterdam International Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, The San
Francisco International Film Festival, The Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney
Museum, The Smithsonian, and Mexico City's Museo de Arte Moderno. She
currently resides in Mexico with her small dog, where she is at work on
non-film pieces, including video installation, still photographs and

Umanís series Leche & Mala Leche uses direct cinema and personal
storytelling to construct a complex and poignant account of the differences
of daily life in Mexico and the United States. Leche, shot in black and
white 16mm and entirely hand processed using plastic buckets in lieu of a
professional developer, forms an endearing portrait of a family following
traditional practices on an isolated dairy ranch in Central Mexico. Mala
Leche, completed five years later and shot on color 16mm, follows the
members of the same family working as immigrants in Californiaís factory
farms and living a complex, modern American lifestyle.

The additional films that comprise this collection feature stunning examples
of Naomiís handmade film manipulations. Removed, made by meticulously
applying nail polish remover directly onto the film surface, transforms
each frame of a 1970s porn flick into a new form of pornography: one in
which women exist only as an empty, animated space, while Private Movie and
Hand Eye Coordination employ found and original images and sounds to tell
stories of love, abstraction and the filmmaking process.

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Brown, Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, Deborah Stratman, and many more. With
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