From: shelly silver (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 13:30:07 PST

thanks sam! interesting you bring up kore-eda's nobody knows. i'm a
big fan of this film, and yes, it's certainly shot from the point of
view of those that can't escape. i'm also a big fan of his earlier
film afterlife (wonderful life) which i was thinking of when i set up
this project. before scripting he videotaped hundreds of people
describing the memory they would take with them after they died.
some of the stories (and possibly a few of the people?) ended up in
the final film. both films have interesting documentary-like


>Shelly this is great !
>It's interesting, I'm looking at this after having watched
>Kore-Eda's "Nobody Knows" (amazing film) this weekend and which is
>in some sense the inverse of escape...

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