Job announcement: International Film Seminars (The Flaherty)

From: Ed Halter (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 13:09:58 PST

Executive Director
International Film Seminars, Inc./The Flaherty
New York, New York
The Flaherty/IFS is seeking an Executive Director. The Executive Director
will serve as Chief Executive Officer, responsible to the Board of Trustees
for the effective conduct of the affairs of the organization. S/he will,
with the participation and oversight of the Board, control and direct the
staff, programs, and activities of the organization. The candidate should be
energetic, ambitious, intelligent, organized, and action-oriented. S/he
should have knowledge of independent media and film, and training/experience
in arts administration, fundraising, and grant writing.
Organization Overview
International Film Seminars, Inc./The Flaherty is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to the worldwide advancement and development of independent media,
films, videos, and other moving-image arts. IFS was established in 1960 to
present the annual Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, a curated film seminar. The
Flaherty Seminar seeks to nurture exploration, introspection, and dialogue
about the art and craft of the moving image. The seminar brings together
film and video makers, scholars, critics, and cinephiles to spend a week of
intensive viewing and discussion in a relaxed retreat environment. IFS has
also, on occasion, presented international seminars. URL:
Job Description
Areas of responsibility include development, fundraising, planning, and
administration, including:
* Facilitation and management of the strategic planning process for IFS,
including fundraising, budgeting, and program development for domestic and
international seminars;
* Plan, manage, and execute fundraising campaigns to support all yearly
* Supervise all arrangements for domestic and international Flaherty
Seminars, including but not limited to: advertising and press, outreach,
registration, grants-in-aid programs, guest travel, coordinating and
contracting facilities, technical needs, booking and shipment of
* Represent the organization at media events and participate in professional
activities that serve to raise the profile of organization;
* Supervise the administrative operations of IFS, including management of
physical assets and intellectual property.
* Coordinate and facilitate activities and meetings of the Board of Trustees
and committees of the Board.
The successful individual will have experience in the following areas:
ˇ Proven track record in fundraising and grant writing;
ˇ Experience in program development and management;
ˇ Good time-management skills and attention to detail;
ˇ Ability to work well with others
ˇ Excellent English-language writing and communication skills.
A competitive compensation package and start date to be negotiated.
Finalists should plan to attend the 2006 Flaherty Seminar, June 17-24 at
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York.
To apply, please submit via e-mail (no phone calls, please):
* Cover letter
* Résumé
* Names/contact information of two professional references
E-mail your application to:
Patti Bruck
Chair, Search Committee
email suppressed
Deadline for applications: March 31.

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