Film shows in Tierra del Fuego plus cultural theory

From: Neo Colorado (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 09:33:05 PST

First off, someone recently mentioned the idea of writing grants for film screenings in Tierra del Fuego. In all seriousness, if anyone is interested in collaborating in funding research and proposal writing for a project like this, I would be interested in making time to participate. I really enjoy Argentina and am interested in learning more about Argentine cinema (everything from independent, experimental, national to Sarli/Bo). Being part of film exhibitions in Argentina and exploring Patagonia would be fantastic. I have formal graduate-level education in grant writing and have won thousands of dollars to put on all celluloid film shows and festivals in the U.S. I have a broken leg now and am spending more time reading frameworks posts, re-reading Bataille and spending way to much time visiting pop music forums and watching 80's horror movies (getting excited to watch "My Bloody Valentine" next Tuesday). So any Argentines out there interested in researching some international film exhibition capital, let me know.

In regard to the cultural theory vs. film argument, I think that somewhere in the universe, postmodernism can joyously exist with the filmmakers' intent. Specific exhibition requests and demands by both the programmer and filmmaker as author can co-exist with audience readings and participation. I have the opinion that the experimental film world is moving towards a spiritual anarchy which I think is great. What I mean by this is that I think all policing & preservation for the original mode of exhibition film, should continue on and push forward. -Go against the grain.

I definitely think more individuals should rent experimental films from Canyon rather than spending it on that expensive bottle of wine, the next time they are entertaining guests.

I also think "fetish" has a really negative tone when frameworkers are using the word in their posts. -This creeps me out.

Although the academics on this list get a really hard time; equally do the film programmers and the film police.

And in response to exploring fascination in terms of avant-garde film, you just can't leave out discussing the fascination with the film medium itself. Would be a really cool topic.

As far as kids go, I really think the generation Y (not) totally rules!

Later Alligators


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