Re: Film shows in Tierra del Fuego plus cultural theory

From: leandro listorti (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 13:48:46 PST

Hi all,
Hi Chris
here you have an interested Argentine frameworker who can help in any film
screenings or even in funding research.

I am in touch with young filmmakers and with the new films produced in
this far away country. So if any of you have answers of any kind, just
I think we could manage to generate some interesting projects.

Leandro Listorti
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006/2/9, Neo Colorado <email suppressed>:
> First off, someone recently mentioned the idea of writing grants for film
> screenings in Tierra del Fuego. In all seriousness, if anyone is interested
> in collaborating in funding research and proposal writing for a project like
> this, I would be interested in making time to participate. I really enjoy
> Argentina and am interested in learning more about Argentine cinema
> (everything from independent, experimental, national to Sarli/Bo). Being
> part of film exhibitions in Argentina and exploring Patagonia would be
> fantastic. I have formal graduate-level education in grant writing and have
> won thousands of dollars to put on all celluloid film shows and festivals in
> the U.S. I have a broken leg now and am spending more time reading
> frameworks posts, re-reading Bataille and spending way to much time visiting
> pop music forums and watching 80's horror movies (getting excited to watch
> "My Bloody Valentine" next Tuesday). So any Argentines out there interested
> in researching some international film exhibition capital, let me know.
> In regard to the cultural theory vs. film argument, I think that somewhere
> in the universe, postmodernism can joyously exist with the filmmakers'
> intent. Specific exhibition requests and demands by both the programmer and
> filmmaker as author can co-exist with audience readings and participation. I
> have the opinion that the experimental film world is moving towards a
> spiritual anarchy which I think is great. What I mean by this is that I
> think all policing & preservation for the original mode of exhibition film,
> should continue on and push forward. -Go against the grain.
> I definitely think more individuals should rent experimental films from
> Canyon rather than spending it on that expensive bottle of wine, the next
> time they are entertaining guests.
> I also think "fetish" has a really negative tone when frameworkers are using
> the word in their posts. -This creeps me out.
> Although the academics on this list get a really hard time; equally do the
> film programmers and the film police.
> And in response to exploring fascination in terms of avant-garde film, you
> just can't leave out discussing the fascination with the film medium itself.
> Would be a really cool topic.
> As far as kids go, I really think the generation Y (not) totally rules!
> Later Alligators
> Chris
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