Re: kiddos

From: Doug vanderHoof (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 13:04:05 PST

    That's wonderful of you to have adopted!

> But, there are thousands of children born in the US that need homes too. So
> maybe in your eyes to adopt them would be better? I wouldn't necessarily
> disagree. It is also a lot cheaper to adopt here (but more complicated,
> unfortunately).
> Nicole
    Interesting point. I'm glad this is growing beyond the kind of single
factor analysis that brief messages engender. It makes everyone look
fanatical. My wishes and activism are aimed at reducing the footprint but
also extend to many other things beyond this discussion.
    So recommending adoption is the result of a multi-variant equation of
the sort that they didn't teach in Math for Poets at my college. It's kind
of a loose guess about what will reduce suffering AND make the earth more
like I want it. But one factor is definitely improving the lives of living
    Adopting poor American children wouldn't increase the footprint as much
as adopting poor Africans. But again, the footprint is only one factor.
Sometimes I wish I had the luxury of religious dogma to simplify these

    Anyone out there focusing on population reduction -- the voluntary
kind-- in their work?

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