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From: Niklas Vollmer (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 11:04:01 PST

ABSOLUTELY TRUE, B x -- thanks for reminding us of this historical debt and dimension. Marjorie Keller's MISCONCEPTION is one of the seminal works on parenting I repeatedly watched as I negotiated my own work surrounding parenting issues...


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Feminist film makers may recognise this thinking from
the 60s/70s.....

B x
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> I am new to this lively list and write to respond to
> email suppressed's question about the competing
> demands of mediamaking and parenting.
> I am trying to avoid the "distant dad" phenomenon by
> following in the footsteps of others who have made
> experimental "home movies" (not to say that this is
> route for everyone, or that working at home
> necessarily makes one more present). In an attempt
> (out of necessity) to combine (nascent and addled)
> family and professional life (academentia), I shot
> and edited my last work ("Happy Crying Nursing Home"
> ... wink to SB) at home. There were times when my
> newborn son was screaming on the editing monitor and
> in the next room * a stereophonic
> wall-of-distraction that intensified, elevated, and
> informed the experimental doc's chaotic aesthetic
> and structure. In a sense, the work "lived",
> breathed and began to walk in step with my son.
> This being said, the shooting allowed me to be more
> engaged and present as a partner than the editing,
> as it is difficult to hand-hold an edit station...
> Niklas Vollmer
> Georgia State University
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> It is possible to have children without having
> children. There are children
> all over the world who have already been born and
> badly need homes. Adopt.
> Sorry, I realize this has nothing to do with
> experimental film.
> But on a related note, I would love to know how
> those of you filmmakers who
> do have children, manage to keep making films in
> addition to working and
> parenting. This is something I am continually
> trying to work out.
> In response to the other related discussion, I do
> think it is much harder to
> get academic film departments to recognize the
> importance of renting and
> buying film prints as opposed to DVDs, than people
> think. Many film
> departments are barely managing to keep 16mm in the
> curriculum at all.
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> >On 2/8/06 4:32 PM, "Sam Wells" <email suppressed>
> wrote:
> >
> > > The problem is, everyone who says that is an
> ex-child.....
> > >(yes I agree we have population issues etc)
> >
> >Sam
> > Couldn't agree with you more that we have
> population problems.
> >
> > Again I don't know how it's a problem for an
> ex-child to think we're
> >over-populated and it would be good if people were
> happy not to have
> >children. I think we're missing some shared
> assumption here, which I will
> >be happy to have made clear.
> > I have the feeling you mean some variation on,
> "What if your parents
> >had
> >felt the way you do?" If that's it, in the
> alternate universe where my
> >parents didn't have me, I promise not to bug you
> about population or
> >breeding. That's fair, no?
> > Meanwhile, it's reasonable for someone whose
> parents had one attitude
> >to
> >have another. Right? And it's reasonable for
> someone whose parents lived
> >in a triply-overpopulated world to not want any
> more children in a
> >quintuply-overpopulated world, kay?
> >
> >Disclaimer, or is this a claimer:
> > I think children are a great treasure and
> should get all the best we
> >have to offer. We should love them, feed them the
> best from the table,
> >spend a lot on their education, hope that they make
> good citizens. Parents
> >should take their job as serious as a heart attack
> and be held responsible
> >everything their children do until the children are
> emancipated. I'm just
> >in favor of making people happy not to have
> children.
> > I'm adding this because when I was working
> with Stacy Simpson in
> >Seattle
> >on an ArtSpot about population reduction, we
> eventually got to calling it
> >the Baby Killing spot. Calumny.
> >
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