Re: David Tetzlaff's rant/steal this message

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 21:10:43 PST

--- Christopher Pavsek <email suppressed> wrote:

> just what is "lost"
> in viewing a copy, let's say in the best case
> scenario, a decent dvd,
> instead of a 16mm print? I don't think this has
> necessarily been
> specified. Is it something ineffable about 16mm?
> The
> qualities inherent in film projection? The flicker?

For one thing, it's the quality of the light, warm vs
cold, and the presence or absence of the light. Film
projection is real shadows - the blacks are NO light.
Video blacks are black light (however black).
Film is a different kind of -,+ or 0,1 .

I aslo prefer the SOUND of film projectors, to video
projectors' NO SOUND. Projection booths spoiled
everything. Now everyone assumes they're necessary,
and look down their nose at people who think they're
not necessary. It's all backwards now. That's why many
people think film & video are the same.

John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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