Re: brakhage suggestions

From: joe beres (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 20:41:10 PST

If you like the handpainted works, I would highly recommend the titles

* Birds of Paradise * (1999) 16mm, color, silent, 1-1/2 min. rental
price: 30.00
This is a hand-painted work which involves a variety of colors applied
within gouged and scratched shapes which approximate both swift shifts
of bird-shape (legs, beaks and feather-spreads especially) and the Bird
of Paradise flower-form as well, the former tending to metamorphize into
the latter across the course of the work.

* Earth Song of the Cricket, The * (1999) 16mm, color, silent, 2-1/2
min. rental price: 20.00
This is a hand-painted work whose shapes are scratched on black leader
filled with varieties of color: the resultant shapes tend to suggest
insect-like movements, a rub of bent-lines together suggesting the
electric hind legs of the cricket, whose movements engender (thru
elaborate step-printing) quick pull-backs within frames of the film, so
contrived as to create visual agitron lines within the zoom-like effect
whose rhythm approximates a cricket's repetitive sound. This effect is
echoed ephemerally later in the film as it nears its end of muted
pull-down shapes and approximations of the earth-clod-likenesses and/or
autumnal leaf-likenesses which begin the film.

The listings above are from the NY Filmmakers Co-op, assuming that is
who you would rent from. Enjoy!

Joe Beres
Twin Cities, USA

J. Mabe wrote:

>I'm looking for suggestions for one or two short,
>cheap, Brakhage rentals that are lesser known titles
>(all the better if I've never heard of it). I figure
>I'll rent one of the Arabics - so if someone has a
>favorite from the 20-30 buck rentals range, please
>throw out a number. I need some film hitting my eyes
>and renting 50, 60 bucks worth of prints is much
>cheaper than $110 bus ticket to New York (and I don't
>want to have to go see Grandma's Boy again at the
>$1.50 theater). How is RR (I'm a fan of Breer, so the
>description sounds good)?
>Rock Hill, hill of rocks, South Carolina, The South.
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