Re: David Tetzlaff's rant (lack of funds)

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Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 11:34:25 PST

> On that note: the only solution to the problem of a lack of rental
> funds that I have read in this thread is "try harder, the money is out
> there." But this simply isn't the case - at least not always.
> Departmental/University budget constraints are real, and the financial
> gatekeepers cannot always be moved to give you more money.
> Grant-writing takes time that teachers don't always have, and grant
> applications get refused. Small departments, small towns/cities,
> community colleges, etc., don't have the money to support a semester of
> avant-garde film screenings. I'm not saying this makes bootlegging
> right - I'm asking this: in the very real and often unavoidable
> situation wherein a film professor wants to put together a course on
> experimental cinema but lacks the funds to adequately fill out the
> screening schedule, what, OTHER THAN "GET THE MONEY ANYWAY," is that
> person to do? What are some other solutions?
> hoping to reconcile (??) the "purists" and the "realists,"
> Jonathan Walley
> Cinema Department
> Denison University
> Granville, Ohio
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One can start by looking outside the Art or Cinema Departments. Films can
be studied from other angles....history and cultural studies departments
are good place to start.

Our case is a little different as we are not part of a college or
university, though we do collaborate from time to time as these
institution have some resources but are clearly not interested in
maintaining facilities for the screening of 16mm.

We've operated for six years without a budget. It's not easy, and in some
cases very restrictive but there are ways around this. In the case of
classroom screenings it might help to open these up to the general public
in order generate a revenue stream, offseting any lack of funds raised
prior to the screening. Many people outside of the classroom are
interested alternative films, and these folks are accustom to paying
admission to see films. Promotion of film screenings can be a real pain,
and in our case I don't think this has become any easier. But this can
vary tremendously by location and the personalities of the writers and
editors in different locations.

The other thing I would say is perhaps one should be willing to kick in a
little of their own money from time to time. People often visit museums,
treat themselves to a fine meal or bottle of wine, donate money to
charities. These are all choices we make with surplus income...another
choice might be to show films.


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