SIGN YOUR LOCATIONS! (Was: A-G films to Southern Portugal)

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 05 2006 - 08:29:20 PST

List members who haven't been following this, please take a look at the
thread that this began as Peter Kubelka VHS and became A-G films to
Southern Portugal, and note what the thread was like before Jorge
identified his location and what happened after. Most recently someone
in another part of Portugal wants to help get things going. Sorry to be
touting my intervention a little bit, but this seems like a great
argument for having each poster identify her or his location, as I have
been doing to little effect for some years now.

At the other extreme we occasionally see announcements of screenings
with street address and no city from posters who also don't identify
their location, as if everyone should know it's New York or San Francisco.

This thread has become FrameWorks at its best, connecting people and
perhaps helping to get screenings started, and just when I was
completely turned off the list after several posts of mine resulted in
complete misinterpretations and falsehoods and then we got another round
of the interminable Jack Smith dispute.

Fred Camper
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Earth....

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