Re: A-G films to Southern Portugal (fka Peter Kubelka VHS)

From: Antonio Sabença (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 05 2006 - 07:15:26 PST

Olá tugas :)
i'm interested in helping too. lets combine efforts. i'm from Porto and we could
make a link between our cities. I can talk with some people here to help. Why we
don't create a kind of cooperative that gather the works and efforts of people
around our country? like a meeting point or something like that, instead of
working alone? this country and the people deserve it. sorry about my english

love to you all
Antonio Marcelino

> Olá, Jorge,
> I can give you the contacts of the guy who is in charge of Incrível Clube.
> Actually I was one of the Portuguese filmmakers who were at the film labs
> meeting in Brussels. It would be great to join efforts.
> abr - Susana
> PS. John Allen Gibel, are you there? sorry for not having said anything over
> the last year ‹ I will contact you asap!
> on 04.02.06 22:02, Pip Chodorov at email suppressed wrote:
> There have been quite a few screenings in Portugal in recent years. Light
> Cone sent quite a large program there a few months back. There is also a
> Portugese film group who came to our film lab meetings in Brussels last
> December. Here is a short text about them from the Nova website. Their link
> is
> -Pip Chodorov
> "At a short distance from Lisbon, in Almada, an old and charismatic
> ciné-theatre, closed for 12 years, is the shelter of the Incrivel Club.
> Located in a working-class area, the Incrivel club inherits the common
> popular imagination, which today, shows itself in a quite glamourish way.
> The Club is also open to other artistic skills, such as music, performance
> and even circus acts (due to its high ceilings). In the near future, the
> Club should be able to welcome artists and develop projects with foreign
> partners. The Club also works together with Nucivo, an association that is
> part of Lisbon University and active in documentary and vídeo film-making."
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O SAPO já está livre de vírus com a Panda Software, fique você também!
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.