Re: A-G films to Southern Portugal (fka Peter Kubelka VHS)

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 05 2006 - 01:35:03 PST

I did some film curating in FARO in southern portugal, they have a film
society there that has run for 80 odd years.
I've toured Europe with films, getting across Germany, Holland,
Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc, Jack Stevenson has taken movies
to all those places and even Russia, there's others who have taken
films specifically to certain countries...of course various curates and
filmmakers from the US have toured also.

If you were going To Portugal you could also do Spain easily, as well
as southern france.



> What is the feasibility of having a Paris or London based curator tour
> to
> out-of the-way places in Europe? Or set up a traveling package that
> could
> go around the EU? Pip, are you game?
> Jorge, you'll have to find a venue in your area though, and publicize
> it to
> get some people to attend. It does require effort & money to get
> films to
> your town. They won't just appear without a venue, but almost
> anything can
> be a venue. Are you willing to take on that part of the equation?
> What other stops could such a package make in Portugal? How about
> Spain?
> Now I'm just raising ideas from the balmy climes of southern
> California, but
> how much work would this take?
> Best regards,
> Adam Hyman
> Los Angeles Filmforum
> On 2/4/06 12:43 PM, "Philip Hood" <email suppressed> wrote:
>> jorge,
>> though it may sound trite and naive,
>> you're probably the best (& only) one
>> to begin to make that change.
>> ml
>> pth
>> On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Jorge Amaro wrote:
>>> I live in the south of Portugal, on a small village, the school where
>>> I am is deeper in the south, very little for avantgarde there, I wish
>>> I could change the situation.
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