Re: Peter Kubelka VHS

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 14:31:52 PST

Jorge Amaro wrote:

> I live in the south of Portugal

Well, I don't have any ideas for how you can show films in your school,
if you have no projector and no funds. But if you have a little money
you can perhaps find a used 16mm projector. One has to see that it's in
good shape, and test it for scratching to see that it doesn't. In the US
these can be purchased for less than $100, though an overhaul may be
needed afterwards These would also not be good for a large space;
ultra-bright projectors are more expensive. You could then rent one or
two short Kubelka films.. Kubelka's films aren't available for purchase
but others are, if you could buy a few you'd be able to show them
regularly. If you're teaching film, being able to show film on film
seems like a good idea to me.

You might see what kind of funding the government gives to local arts
organizations. Maybe you could start a small one and get some funding.

In terms of seeing Kubelka's films yourself, he had a show in Madrid
only a few years ago. Perhaps you can raise money, or can find someone
who will raise the money, to bring him to Lisbon. Carlos didn't mention
that he's multi-lingual, and learned Portuguese before coming to Brazil
well enough to lecture in Portuguese.

There may be cultural institutions in Portugal that can help. The
Austrian may also help. Or perhaps you can arrange to travel to one of
his shows somewhere else in Europe. But maybe you can also start a small
group in your area that can show various avant-garde films and bring
Kubelka too.

I really dislike that at least in English the language has changed to
the point where people say, "I saw film X," rather than, "I saw a video
reproduction of film X," or, "I saw film X but only on video." People
just take it for granted that the video version is the same. It most
certainly is not.

Most of us can't see everything we want or travel wherever we want. I
had to wait until my own middle age to get to Paris, or to see Chartres
Cathedral. Both were well worth the wait!

Fred Camper

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