Re: A-G films to Southern Portugal (fka Peter Kubelka VHS)

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 14:28:26 PST

Hi Jorge,

Now we¹re cooking!
You now have the next few tasks:

1. Contact the people you know of in Lisbon, and those that Pip lists below.
Tell them that you are interested in screening in your town, or the closest
larger town, as appropriate. Find out if they are having any guests come,
and ask if you can contact the guests to see if they would come to your area
as another stop on a tour of Portugal. Also ask if they those organizations
might be willing to come to your town as well. Or even just ship you the
films after they are done with them (which you would have to coordinate with
the distributor as well).

2. Find a venue. The ideal is an room with 16mm and video projection that
can seat probably 20-50. Maybe a local university has something already
appropriate. You¹ll also want to advertise at the university. Target
appropriate classes, art galleries, and cafes.

3. You¹ll have to raise some money for transportation and shipping. This is
of course the hard part. Maybe you can find 20 interested people each
willing to put in 20 Euros to start, for an initial fund. Then you¹ll have
to charge admission as well, and/or try to get grants.

4. Ideally find one other enthusiastic volunteer to help you, especially
with publicity and ticket selling.

It¹s several steps, but they are all concrete and attainable. (You can see
why, though, that there aren¹t lost of microcinemas everywhere, and why they
don¹t usually last a long time.)

Coordinating with other organizations in Portugal will help with travel
expenses for guests, or reduce costs for shipping prints and tapes.

Good luck!


On 2/4/06 2:02 PM, "Pip Chodorov" <email suppressed> wrote:

> There have been quite a few screenings in Portugal in recent years. Light Cone
> sent quite a large program there a few months back. There is also a Portugese
> film group who came to our film lab meetings in Brussels last December. Here
> is a short text about them from the Nova website. Their link is
> -Pip Chodorov
> "At a short distance from Lisbon, in Almada, an old and charismatic
> ciné-theatre, closed for 12 years, is the shelter of the Incrivel Club.
> Located in a working-class area, the Incrivel club inherits the common popular
> imagination, which today, shows itself in a quite glamourish way. The Club is
> also open to other artistic skills, such as music, performance and even circus
> acts (due to its high ceilings). In the near future, the Club should be able
> to welcome artists and develop projects with foreign partners. The Club also
> works together with Nucivo, an association that is part of Lisbon University
> and active in documentary and vídeo film-making."
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> FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.